A Pastiche® Custom Perfume party is fun, social and very memorable.

Pastiche® is an exciting new concept that is perfect for bridal showers, bachelorette parties and
bridal party gifts.

We host highly interactive, sensory journeys where guests design their own custom perfumes and perfume bottles.

Create a custom perfume that will remind you and your spouse of the happiness of your wedding
day every time you wear it.

How Does it Work?

Unlike store-front custom perfumeries which are both expensive and overwhelming, we are mobile. Our Fragrance Designer will bring the Pastiche® Fragrance Bar to your home, hotel or event location where you can relax and have a private party with your friends or family.

Each Pastiche® party starts with our Sensory Journey. This usually involves a tasting exercise (food or drink), which allows us to demonstrate the power of scent on flavor.

All guests will then "sample" the ten perfume blends on the Pastiche® Fragrance Bar as a group, using our fragrance blotters. This process is fun and highly interactive as no two people smell in exactly the same way. Think you can identify Cacao Flower? Or Woody Amber & Patchouli? How about French Tuberose, one of the top flowers used in wedding bouquets? The guessing is part of the fun.

We cap off the party by helping each of your guests design a personal, signature fragrance, which we will mix right on the spot. Guests will also have the opportunity to customize their bottle with a monogram and/or piece of wearable jewelry.

A Pastiche® party is also a great way to create a gift for your bridal party. Because our bar is unisex, we're able to create fragrances for the groomsmen as well as for the bridesmaids.

Our prices are exceptional as well. Even though all our fragrances are premium Eau de Parfum quality, our fragrances are comparable in cost to what you'd pay at Sephora or a department store for a non-custom perfume.

For your convenience, we can charge each of your guests individually at the party. Or we can charge you beforehand as a gift to your wedding party.

Contact us for information on availability and pricing.

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