Pastiche® was founded by Bill and Dana Knees, a husband and wife team.

After receiving his BA from UC Berkeley and his MBA from UCLA, Bill Knees embarked on a successful marketing and general management career at PepsiCo, Callaway and Unilever -- the makers of brands like Dove, Axe and TRESemme.

Bill loves building consumer brands that capture people's imagination. One of his favorite professional experiences was on Dove. When he joined the team, the Dove brand was just a simple bar of soap built on the promise "that it won't dry your skin like soap can". He helped to turn Dove into a brand that not only cares for skin, but celebrates the true (inner) beauty of all women. Today, Dove is not only a bar soap but also a hugely successful hair care, deodorant and skin care brand.

When Bill left the corporate world in 2009, he knew he wanted to create another great brand. The inspiration for this new company came from his wife, Dana, who worked in the fragrance industry. She loved creating new custom perfumes with her Master Perfumer's exquisite blends. Bill wondered "Why can't everyone have access to these perfume blends?" And thus, Pastiche™ Custom Perfume was born.

Bill's favorite custom perfume begins with Woody Amber & Patchouli, to which he adds Bergamot Italia and a touch of Balsamic Vanilla.
Dana Knees received her BA in Marketing as well as her Bachelor of Science in Fashion Design from the University of Kentucky.

Her professional experience includes Unilever, Robertet Fragrances and Coty -- famous for such celebrity and designer brands as Vera Wang, Calvin Klein, JLo, Marc Jacobs and Beyonce.

As Dana tells it, the highlight of her career was at Robertet Fragrances, where she met Master Perfumer Vito Lenoci. "As much as I enjoyed marketing major fragrance brands at Unilever and Coty, I truly loved having the opportunity to work at a fragrance house with Vito. Everything at Robertet was about the artistry of perfume. We created amazing fragrances for the major companies in the industry."

When the family moved from Connecticut to California in 2006, Dana left the corporate world. She took this opportunity to focus on raising their two sons, Ryan and Adam, and to engage in charitable activities with KidsKorps and Rady Children's Hospital. But her dream was to create a company that would allow her to balance these interests with work. Pastiche™ is the result of that dream.

Dana's favorite custom perfume starts with Sparkling Citrus to which she adds the concentrated essences French Tuberose and Cacao Flower.

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