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What People say

Our party planners, event planners and customers love this concept!

«My wife and I each designed our own custom fragrances.  It turned into a bit of a competition.  We loved it!»

«Such a unique concept. We've used it for corporate events, for fund-raisers and even for Bat Mitzvahs. So fun. It always gets our highest rating!»

«My brides obviously love Pastiche for bachelorette parties and bridal showers. We've also had the bride and groom design custom scents as gifts for the wedding party. Many fantastic options!»

«My clients love these events. They're fun and interactive, like a wine tasting, but at the end everyone gets a gift to keep!»

«I use Pastiche all the time for my corporate events - some sit-down and some booth-style. I'm always thrilled to see how much the men in the group love designing their own colognes as well!»

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